• Jamalex guarantees its services for 1 year or the period specified in a separate contract.
  • Jamalex is not liable for zinc coating defects resulting from the goods not complying with the requirements of proper chemical steel content, inappropriate surface preparation, deformation caused by releasing internal or welding stresses or exposing the coating to environment aggressive to zinc coating
  • The circumstances described above do not exempt the Client from paying Jamalex for the provided services.
  • In case of steel with inappropriate chemical content, Jamalex has the right to charge the Client with additional costs due to exessive amount of zinc used.
  • The Client shall deliver to and collect the goods from the plant with his own transport and at own cost in the deadline agreed with Jamalex.
  • For transport, the goods need to be protected from rubbing and damaging by separating each element with a spacer.
  • In order to maintain high aesthetics of the zinc layer it is advisable to protect the goods with a cover to eliminate the negative influence of weather and road conditions.
  • Jamalex is not liable fot any damages or defects which may occur during transport. 

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