5 steps



The hot-dip galvanizing process should be predicted and already considered during the design stage. The zinc coating must be characterized by a suitable quality and fulfill conditions described in particular norms, therefore it is vital to pay attention to factors influencing the whole process.



The choice of steel

The quality of zinc coatings (glaze, smoothness, thickness, adhesion etc.) depends greatly on the steel used. While analyzing the chemical composition, it is crucial to pay attention to the content of two elements: silicon and phosphorous.



Surface preparation

The proper preparation is the key condition for the construction to be allowed for the hot-dip galvanizing process. The surface cannot have any closed spaces which may make its immersion impossible or lead to tearing the structure whiile galvanizing.



Removing contaminants

Steel elements to be galvanized cannot be covered with any contaminants or residues of abrasive blasting. All contaminants need to removed before delivering materials for galvanizing.



Handling galvanized articles

Galvanized goods ought ot be transported and stored in suitable conditions in order to protect zinc coating from the so-called 'white corrosion'. It is also vital to ensure that the zinc coating does not directly touch dark steel.


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