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 Galvanizing is one of the most frequent methods of protecting steel from rusting. It involves a set of actions aiming at covering steel elements with a thin layer of zinc in order to protect them from corrosion resulting from atmospheric conditions. The electrochemical mechanism is used in this process. Zinc has a lower corrosive potential than steel and so it forms an anodic layer on the surface. The metalic layer protects steel by isolating it from the envioronment but it also oxidizes first and therefore protects the metal elements.

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Jamalex - numbers that speak for themselves

150 tonnes

daily capacity of galvanizing

10 000 m2

monthly capacity of painting


modern galvanizing plants


hydrodynamic painting halls


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DUPLEX – dodatkowe zabezpieczenie

 DUPLEX system involves applying a layer of special paint over the zinc coating. This anti-corrosion protection has dual significance since both layers complement each other in terms of effectiveness. The outer layer of paint constitutes and additional anti-corrosion coating which protects zinc from oxidising. In a neutral environment the zinc layer can remain untouched for 35-50 years, but DUPLEX system extends that period to even 100 years.

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