Chrome-free passivation is an innovative method of protecting zinc-coated steel constructions from unfavorable weather conditions. Applying such a treatment substantially prolongs bightness and shininess of galvanized steel articles which greatly affects the final visual effect. It maintains a high degree of zinc coating shininess protecting it at the same from ageing.

Zinc coating passivation involves immersing articles in a kettle filled with a special chemical solution in water. This product is eco-friendly, fully soluble in water, on the basis of acrylic varnish used to protect zinc coatings applied with hot-dip galvanizing from the so-called 'white corrosion'.

Chrome-free passivation substitutes the type of passivation which uses hexavalent chromium, an element which according to the EU regulations has been forbidden due to its danger to health and enviornment.

Since 2011 our hot-dip galvanizing plant has been providing chrome-free passivation of zinc coatings which safeguards from oxidation for the period of even 2 years. Furthermore, such a layer can be a final one or just a basis for varnishing.

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