About us

Jamalex Sp. z o.o. is a modern and dynamically-developing company operating in the sector of anti-corrosion of steel constructions. We have been gaining knowledge and experience continuously since 1999. Over those years we have build a qualified team willing to provide a suitable level of custom service.

Our core activity is providing hot-dip galvanizing services according to the PN-EN ISO 1461 norms. We own two galvanizing plants in the RydzyƄska Industrial Zone. In 2008 we opened the first plant which has the kettle with the working dimentions of 5.4m x 1.4m x 2.6m (length x width x depth). The other plant opened in 2014 has the kettle with the dimentions of 9.7m x 1.4m x 2.6m. Having two plants enables us to galvanize small, medium-size and large steel constructions.

Since 2011 we have been offering an innovative zinc passivation method that protects the zinc layer from unfavourable weather conditions. For clients who require high aesthetics of ready elements, we recommend the DUPLEX system that involves applying a special paint over the galvanized zinc coating.

We aim at satisfying our clients. We strongly believe that only a high standrad of service, knowledge and experience of our employees, high quality materials and state-of-the-art equipment of our plants qurantee that the service we provide lives up to our clients' expectations.

Implementing and continuous improvement of our management system which complies with ISO 9001 quarantee the achievement of our aims.

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