DUPLEX system – zinc coating + paint coating

DUPLEX system involves applying a layer of special paint over the zinc coating. This anti-corrosion protection has dual significance since both layers complement each other in terms of effectiveness. The outer layer of paint constitutes and additional anti-corrosion coating which protects zinc from oxidising. In a neutral environment the zinc layer can remain untouched for 35-50 years, but DUPLEX system extends that period to even 100 years.

DUPLEX system should be used for constructions that require both long-lasting and durable anti-corrosion protection and high aesthetics. Paint can be applied wet or in a process of powder painting.

The advantages of DUPLEX:

  • double anti-corrosion protection – the zinc coating protects steel from rusting, but the paint coating protects zinc from unfavorable atmospheric conditions.
  • improved aesthetic features of the construction through the right choice of paint colour – RAL colours available,
  • reduction of maintenance costs – DUPLEX system prolongs the durability of the zinc coating from 30 to 50 years to even 100 years!

Jamalex Sp. z o.o. specializes in hydrodynamic painting which is the most common method of protective coating application.

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