Painting various types of constructions and elements aims at protecting the surface and ensuring decorative appearance. Proper paint application depends first and foremost on:

  • surface preparation;
  • the thickness of the layer applied and the type of paint used;
  • application methods;
  • atmospheric conditions while applying.

Paint coatings can be applied in various methods, among others with:

  • paint brushes,
  • paint rollers,
  • air sprayers
  • airless sprayers (hydrodynamic).

Airless sprayers are the most common method of applying modern protective coating. They use a motorized pump to pressurize and push the paint out of the spray gun's tip made from hard metal. The high pressure bulit up within the tube atomizes the paint, meaning that it pulls it apart into a fine mist which is pushed out at high speed. Such a method enables problem-free application of thick-coat paints without the need to dilute them.

The choice of paint is also vital and the choosing the appropriate, anti-corrosive painting system requires taking into account a few factors:

  • Corrosion aggressiveness of the environment
  • Lifecycle of the painting system
  • Planning the application process

Our qualified staff will help you choose the right painting system which will meet your specific needs and expectations.

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